Dr. Tanucan

Mabuhay! My Name Is

Dr. Jem Cloyd M. Tanucan

Mabuhay! I'm Dr. Jem Cloyd M. Tanucan from the Philippines, and this year marks a decade of my teaching journey in the arts. Visual arts have always been my passion, and I believe in the transformative power of art to uplift and inspire. The art room is my sanctuary, a place where imagination knows no bounds and creativity flourishes. With the recent pandemic and all the challenges we're facing, my focus in arts education has shifted towards cultivating positivity. I’m a firm believer that our artistic expressions have a profound impact on our mental health and subconscious, more than we often realize. Therefore, I strive to create an art class where students can wholeheartedly enjoy the process of learning and creating.

I love research too! Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com.ph/citations?user=uaqEAEgAAAAJ&hl=en

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